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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
6:54 pm
THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR( things you can't live without)

Something important on your desk: Uhh... My college folder?

When you sleep you wear: Sweat pants or PJ pants and a tshirt or sweat shirt depending.

If you could afford it at the moment, you would buy: A plane ticket.

Something you don't have a lot of: Pants... Lol.

If your house was burning and you could only save 3 items what would they be: items? Hm... Penguins Chrisopher bought me, my blanky and my jewelry box


If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to: Love

A time when you purposly hurt someone emotionally: I try to never...

A time you accidentally hurt someone emotionally: New Years?

One person you have killed in your thoughts: No one...


Three traits you look for in a friend: Responsibility, trust, kindness, helpfullness, honesty.

Who makes you laugh most often: Chris, lol.

A friend who you can tell anything: Liz and Chris

A friend you can go to for advice: I rarely ask for advice [ I'm the one that gives it] But I usually ask Chrisopher

The best piece of advice you had been given: Fuck if I know.

Two closest friends: Tal and Liz.

The friend who uses most of your energy: Jess.


Your 3 best qualities: I know too much for my own good, I sing, I'm too nice.

Your 3 worst qualities: Jealous, don't stick up for myself, I keep quiet when I shouldn't. Oh! And I can't be mean.

Describe your Ideal self: More confident, less stressed, less ocd like

A compliment that makes you blush: you're so beautiful... Cause I don't think it's true.

You are embarassed when: I fall...

The greatest physical pain you ever endured: Charlie horses... Lol I'm so lame.

The greatest emotional pain you ever endured: Either when my Grandma died, when someone i loved cheated on me or when I heard about the tsunami/earthquake.

Moment you are most ashamed of: uhm... I try not to be ashamed of anything i do, it's been done either embrace it or learn from it.

Your best physical feature: Hair, lips, eyes. I also like my boobs, not gonna lie.

Who/What makes you happy: Chris brightens up my day everyday and all my friends and just everyone really. Lots of things make me happy: Random phone calls, cute messages, chocolate, good books/movies etc.

Who/what makes you sad: Who? I guess it depends on what I'm thinking about in response to that person. And what? Movies can, books, hallmark/sylvan learning commercials make me cry ;ox


Emotion you hide most: Sadness.

The emotion you tend to experience most: Love.

The emotion you are feeling most lately: Love.

You have a huge amount of guilt regarding: Uhm, past events... Don't want to get into it here.

When you are angry you need: Chocolate.

When you are sentimental you need: Be cuddled.

When you are in love you need: To be hugged.


One of your most peaceful memories: Walking on the beaches of Buzios, Brazil.

One of your most tragic memories: Almost dying.

One of you angriest memories: A few days ago, with my mom...

A memory that makes you laugh: Haha, too many to name.

a memory that makes you happy: Lots of memories do that...


Something someone can say or do that you find extremely attractive: Say - "You seem intrigueing, was I right?" Do - Coy smiles always get me.

Something someone can say or do that you find unattractive: Say - "Sup, wanna go out?". Do - be ackward? Yeah i dunno

Two things appealing about people: Their pasts, their emotional state.

A personality trait you find appealing: Humor, compassion, caring.

Your secret passion: Secret? Hm. I don't have any secret ones. Though it would be cool to be vice pres.

What you enjoy most about having a committed relationship: HAving someone there, someone that loves/cares for me.


DO you have a bf/gf if yes who? Yesm, my baby Chrisopher.

What do you find sexy about them: Psh, every fucking thing about that boy is pure sex. I luff him ;o)

A place where you want to have sex: -sigh- I can't think of anywhere original, but it needs to be super epic... Like... On a cliff, in the rain, secluded from everyone, on the grass on a giant blanket with thunder and lightning in the background [far enough to be safe but close enough to see/hear]

A strange place where you have had sex: Haven't had sex sex.. But with a girl... In a disco in Brazil? lmao

What drives you crazy (in a good way) about this person: His amazingness.

What music is on when you have sex, or is it the tv?: Mmm Music. So many songs to fuck to.

Favorite song to have sex to: Yet to try any out...

Describe your mate physicaly: Hot ;o)

Describle your mate's personality: Laid back but crazy, loud at the right times, caring [towards me atleast...] simply amazing.

You feel most attractive when: all the flippin time... lol

Favorite thing you like to see your mate wear (clothing wise don't say naked): Mmm a suit. A nice dark suit.


If you had more time alone you would: FInish my hw.

If you had more patience you would: not be so stressed.

If you had no committments what would you be doing: sleeping.

If you could have one super power what would it be: telepathy.

Current Mood: bored
Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
5:14 pm
Every single fucking time I see anything about the earthquake/tsunami's... I start crying. A lot. I haven't cried in so long. I'm too emotionally drained to even think straight. I'm too drained to even think.

This feeling... Can't be put into words. This is the first time in a long time that I haven't been able to express how I'm feeling.

We still haven't heard from any of my family there. I'm devastated.

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Saturday, December 18th, 2004
3:34 pm
[info]san francisco is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Tahoe tomorrow. Yay ;o)
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
2:56 pm
____YOUR LIFE____
[x] they call me: Alixandria
[x] also: Alix, lix, lixxy, lixxyandria, yaya, penggin etc.
[x] sex: female
[x] my first breath of air: August 24th 1987

[x] age: 17
[x] status: murried
[x] occupation: student.
[x] nationality: 1/2 Indonesian 1/2 Australian

[x] feeling: blehhh
[x] Listening: Norah Jones
[x] Talking: nadie
[x] doing: singing
[x] craving: Chrisopher
[x] thinking of: How fucking disgustingly sickly i feel.
[x] hating: This headache.

[x] love is: A warm gun [beatles reference for you lamers.. its actually "hapiness" but oh fucking well] a state of being that's just simply amazing; it can make your day or break your spirits... It's... essential.
[x] first love: Michael
[x] current love: Chrisopher
[x] love or lust?: love
[x] best love song: Lover Lay Down -DMB
[x] is it possible to be in love w/ more than one person @ the same time?: nope
[x] when love hurts, you: cry, sigh, frown, drown, sleep till it doesnt hurt anymore..
[x] true or false - all you need is love: i suppose.
[x] have you ever been in love?: yes
[x] is there such thing as love @ first sight?: Lust

[x] turn ons: depends. Im more personality than anything else
[x] turn offs: boring, asshole, homophobic.
[x] does your parents' opinion on your bf/gf matter to you?: kind of
[x] what kinda hair style?: depends.

[x] the sweetest thing a member of the opposite sex can do for you?: those little things.. its all about the little things. Like telling you that youre the last thing he wants to hear before he goes to bed, or that he loves you in that cute voice, that that noise he makes with his tounge that makes you melt, or just those random bouts of cuteness that seem to flow out of him every once in a while... -le sigh-
[x] where do you go to meet new people?: I don't... They find me
[x] are you the type of person to holler n ask for numbers?: Nope.

[x] dog or cat: dog
[x] short or long hair: short on boys long on girls
[x] innie or outie: Innie
[x] sunshine or rain: RAIN!
[x] moon or sun: Moon
[x] basketball or football: football... Mmm violence
[x] righty or lefty: righty
[x] hugs or kisses: kisses
[x] 1 best friend or 10 acquaintances: 1 best friend
[x] bf/gf or best friend: boyfriend.
[x] tv or radio: Radio sux, tv sux.. Unless it's a sappy movie or cartoon network
[x] starbucks or jamba juice: Jamba Juice!!
[x] mc donalds or burger king: Ewww neither
[x] summer or winter: winter... one word.. CHRISTMAS!
[x] written letters or e-mails: written
[x] playstation or nintendo: ps2 beitches.
[x] disney or nickelodeon: Old school nick.
[x] car or motorcycle: car
[x] house party or club: house party
[x] sing or dance: sing!
[x] freak or slow dance: slow dance
[x] yahoo messenger or aim: AIM
[x] google or ask jeeves?: Google

[x] can you swim?: yes
[x] whats your most embarrassing moment?: When i talked about the pythagoreans during geometry freshman year and everyone looked at me like i was a nerd... Not my fault im educated.. beitches.
[x] what are you scared of?: centipedes, the dark when i let my mind wander
[x] what is your greatest accomplishment?: ... I dont know...
[x] what kinda roof is over your head?: a white one
[x] do you like tomatoes?: mmm god yes
[x] how many TVs in the house?: 9
[x] how many phones?: 8
[x] how many residents?: 5
[x] how many DVDs do you have?: i dunno
[x] last dentist visit: October
[x] last doctor visit: I dunno...
[x] last phone call: My mommy, called from the dr's office

Current Mood: sick
Sunday, October 17th, 2004
11:35 am
I dunno what's been wrong with me lately. I've just been so pessimistic and bitchy which is the total opposite of how I usually am. Me and Christopher had our first argument, it was because I learned that he was one of those stupid people who use "gay" as an insult. That is seriously one of the only things that truly get me angry. I just find it so unnecessary and mean. When someone who is gay thinks that they aren't accepted by society horrible things happen to beautiful people; it leads to suicide, self hurt and dozens of other self abusive behavior, and I told him this all thursday night. Then I talk to him on saturday afternoon and he makes a comment like that on the phone with me. He never makes those comments on the phone with me, he told me he was with his friends. I said that I "lost all faith in him" and I was babysitting and I got off the phone with him.

Later he told me he couldn't even be in the room with his friends, he went to the bathroom and just thought about what I said. I feel bad for saying it, but I really truly did at the time. He told me he was going to try to not say it and realize the affect it has on people, but he didn't. I don't think he even tried.
I talked to him last night and he said I really got to him, he said that he will never forget what I said. And he shouldn't. We're fine now, we were still fine when he were fighting. I think he feels bad cause I was ranting about how much I hate people, every single person ever. And I know he knew it included him. I just don't understand how people can just be so inconsiderate and mean, it doesn't makse sense to me.

On a happier note, I applied to 3 colleges and I'm almost done [and by almos done I mean I have to do the essay part] with the other 3 I'm applying to. I've applied to California State University at San Diego, Fullerton and Long Beach and I'm almost done with University of California at Riverside [my first choice college], Merced and Irvine. I'm applying to 5 safety's... Irvine is the only one I'm worried about and it's not even my first choice... Lol. But I'm still stressing out. I won't know if I got in or not till Marchish and that really scares me. I won't know where I will be in August till March... I hate having things out of my control. HATE IT. Anyways, today is my sleeping[Thursday night I got about 5 hours of sleep, Friday night I got 2 hours of sleep, and Saturday night I got about 7... I'm so tired], writing colleges essays and trying to stay off my sprained ankle [I missed a step and fucked up my ankle so much.

Well that was a really long update... Yeah...

Current Mood: distressed
Thursday, September 30th, 2004
11:17 am
I had the most epic moment. I just woke up... From a night of feeling like SHIT. Yesterday was a shitty day too. I found some stuff out... My uncle who's pretty much dying of stomach cancer called yesterday, he wants to say he loves everyone he does before he passes away... Then my cock slut of an aunt has the nerve to tell him he's being lazy... WHAT THE FUCK? HE HAS STOMACH CANCER? YOU WANT HIM TO FUCKING WORK???? I hope she chokes on a cock.
-le sigh- Then i started feeling like shit cause i was all sad, the weathers been changing, and i'm majorly stressed. So i got to stay home... i wake up, eat some toaster struddle... come to do my essay of sorts, go on my space and check the comment chris said he left me last night... But first i turn on winamp and play "lover lay down" cause i wanna think about my baby [it's one of our songs] then i go on myspace... And he's posted the lyrics ;o) It made my entire day 50 bagillion times better. I love him SO much. He's so amazing... -le sigh- i just want to cuddle with him.

Current Mood: thankful
Saturday, September 25th, 2004
10:32 am
Yesterday was me and Chris' one year -grins- We talked forever and I'm just so content to listen to him and to be so completly in love it's almost scary. We're sooo alike and crave the same things the same day and just know eachother so well... I could seriously see myself marrying this kid, actually we decided we HAVE to get married cause we know eachother so well and it would just be weird if we didn't. -sigh- I'm so happy, can't wait till he moves here [in january!!!!!!]. -le sigh- time to go back to bed ;ox im tired from being up alll night talking to my baby.

Current Mood: loved
Friday, September 17th, 2004
8:40 pm
I've lost 8 lbs in the past week O.o... Dood, the gym, IS SO MUCH FUN. Wow, that sounds weird. But i LOVE it. but 8 lbs.. thats not healthy.. gotta eat more i guess
Sunday, September 12th, 2004
9:43 am
Saturday, September 11th, 2004
12:58 pm
I'm so in love, it's insane. Today I'm going to the gym with Cass, should be fun stuff. Then tomorrow my friend Lisa invited me to go to a Dave Matthews concert in the city, I'm WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY excited. I love free things ;ox K, i should go gym it now... just thought I'd update cause i haven't in a really long time... yeah...

Current Mood: loved
Monday, August 23rd, 2004
5:02 pm
Daaaaaaamn, we have 65 medals... 23 gold [tied with china] but big news for me... lol Indonesia has 4! They even have a gold! a gold and bronze in mens badminton [singles] a bronze in mens badminton [doubles] and a silver in women's weighlifting... I'm impreeeeeesssed. There was a lot of badminton drama... lol, and indonesia thought they wouldn't get a gold this year. But yay! we did!

I'm happy ;ox lol. Oh and I want Phelp's body. But not his face... He can wear a paper bag or something. ;oD
Sunday, August 15th, 2004
12:55 am
Such great heights
I am thinking it's a sign
That the freckles in our eyes
Are mirror images and
When we kiss they're perfectly aligned

And I have to speculate
That God himself did make us into
Corresponding shapes like puzzles pieces
From the clay

True, it may seem like a stretch
But it's thoughts like this
That catch my troubled head
When you're away, when I am missing you to death

When you were out there on the road
For several weeks of shows
And when you scan the radio
I hope this song will guide you home

They will see us waving from such great heights
"Come down now," they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away
"Come down now," but we'll stay

I've tried my best to leave
This all on your machine
But the persistent beat
Sounded thin upon listening

That frankly will not fly
You will hear the shrillest highs
And lowest lows with the windows down
When this is guiding you home

They will see us waving from such great heights
"Come down now," they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away
"Come down now," but we'll say...

Amazing song. I love the Iron and Wine version, but The Postal Service one is awesome too.
Friday, August 13th, 2004
2:54 pm
I'm crazy in love with him ;o) He's so sweet and awesome. I just want to hug him allll the time, but welp I won't be able to for atleast a month or so. He's going to try to come out for our one year [September 24th]. -Le sigh- gosh I love him.
Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
3:04 pm
You know what? Beer is so horrible for you ;ox Weight wise... Good thing I can get FUCKED THE FUCK UP with 2 shmirnoff ice's... Damn, I suck. Oh well. I think it gave me heart burn... Or maybe that was the onion rings at Denny's. Who knows. Ouch ;ox It hurts. Lol... So Joanna's guy person, Mike [roach... yea i know...] was all into me last night. And she got reallllyyyyy pissed. So you know what I did? I went on a fucking walk by myself. And then I came back, and he was on her again. I didn't even like the kid... He smelled rank. Plus I'm taken, and I would never fuck that up. Eh, i ate too much... And now i feel gross. I'll i've had all day [since i woke up] is ice, so i think ill just eat ice the rest of the day, and it will all even out. lol. crazy drunken adventures at Joanna's new house are fuuuuun. Specially when we go swimming too

Current Mood: giggly
Sunday, August 8th, 2004
12:28 pm
Yesterday I went shopping with Julia... I found TWO pairs of pants that I LOVE. And I never ever find pants that I like, let alone jeans which is one of the two pants I like... Plus at the gap... I never find pants I like at the gap.. lol.

Then julia, jessica, talia and I went to the Elephant bar for dinner... Yay for teryaki chicken, mmmm. Then I came home and talked to my Chrisopher till 2 in the morning, I love him sooo much... It's crazy how much we compliment eachother... -le sigh-. I was supposed to go to san francisco with Ellen today, but she got a flat so she can't go until she gets it fixed... But we might go for a run around the resevoir later which will be fun.

My plan for the next 2 weeks is to lose atleast 15 lbs... I've lost 4 in the past 2 days, yay for eating healthy and excersizing ;oD So, 11 to go. That's why I haven't bought the pants yet, hopefully by then I'll be down a few sizes. So today I think I'm gonna go for a jog by myself, then one with Ellen. Yeayuh. So about 7 miles today... Truthfully... I just don't want to weigh the same as my boyfriend ;ox he said he's 158.. and I'm about 150 ish right now.. I wanna get down to 135 or 140. Ooh then I have an excuse to go shopping again, woo! k, I'm off to get in my jogging gear.

Current Mood: hyper
Saturday, August 7th, 2004
12:14 am
Random lyrics i really liked...
I just poured my heart out
there's bits of it on the floor
And I take what's left of it and rinse it under cold water
And call him up for more

... I loooove that. Sooooo much.

Current Mood: loved
Thursday, August 5th, 2004
3:57 pm
I just got back from the resavoir with my sister... She played on the play ground while me and lisa [ryan now..wtf?] talked. I miss her, she used to be one of my best friends like.. freshman year.. Then she went through a lot of shit.. drugs, hurting herself.. just a lot of stuff... We were like eachothers support system.. But she got too extreme and I got scared.. So yea, her mom found out.. she thought I told her, but I really didn't even though I really wanted to. But yea, we was at boarding school, but it was more a wilderness/rehab place. Then she came back and thought she was all high and mighty for being straight edge. Fucking HATE people who do that shit. Just cause you don't smoke weed or drink doesn't make you any better than any one else. Plus she smoked cigs, and thats disgusting.

Then she realized how dumb she was being and we started chilling again, it was alright, just never felt as comfortable as I felt with her before... Lol, we did a lot of crazy stuff together. But she's cool now, I'm glad we had a long talk... But I really don't think this friendship will be a very strong one. Even though I know she will always be there for me, and I'll always be there for her.. But thats just how our friendship worked... Even if we hated eachother, we would still take a bullet for one another.

Tonight Julia is having a sushi making/tye dye/chocolate party... I'm excited. And tomorrow me and Jessica are going to go visit Sherani! YAY! I miss Sherani. K... I'm gonna go nap now.

Current Mood: ditzy
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
3:40 pm
Woke up at 8:30.... Picked up mommy at SFO... Came home and went through all the luggage.. Inherited some really cool stuff, i got some traditional indonesian stuff to wear whenever i go there... and it's a fancy occasion... lol. But yea, everything smelled like my grandma... I'm sad that I'm the only one out of my siblings that really knew her.. My mom said when she was there everyone kept asking where i was ;o) and they all called her "Cempaka's mom", Cempaka is my Indonesian name. We might go to Bali for christmas next year, i hope we do. I miss Indonesia so much. K now to the weirdness... They made a dvd of my grandma's funeral... it's so eerie. But i guess its okay, just kind of weird cause on the front of the dvd is a picture of my dead grandma... Yea, but i think i'm alright.. for now atleast.


Current Mood: dorky
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